The Truth About Well-Behaved Dogs

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“I thought she was untrainable. I’ve had a pitbull, sheltie and a lab who responded quickly, but not this little one, mini Aussie. I was ready to give up especially after she terrorized everyone at the vet. Can’t wait to do more training and see how that next visit goes. Thanks so much.”

N. Dewitz - Dog: Aussie S.

“I actually just started using your program last week and have seen results. I had been trying to get Odie to go to a down position from standing. Using techniques I learned he was able to grasp it two training sessions!! It is so nice to finally have a program that delivers on what they advertise.”

L. Upsall - Dog: Havanese

Better Obedience Through Unique Human-Dog Bond

Mental Enrichment Feedback system was designed not only to deliver dramatic changes quickly, but to also create long-term results and a more loving and natural bond between you and your dog. It’s partnership instead of punishment

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