House Training a Chihuahua

chihuahua on the carpet

House training a Chihuahua can be easier than you think! You’re probably skeptical, and for good reason! Chihuahuas are notorious for being one of the most difficult breeds to housetrain. However, many of their housetraining issues come because their owners overlook periodic accidents. Our Dog Savvy Small Dog Training course covers all you need to … Read more

Dog Protection Training

german shepherd

As a dog trainer, I periodically get inquiries about dog protection training. It’s logical, one of the upsides to having a dog can potentially be their ability to protect you and your home. However, dog protection training is one topic that I generally recommend pet owners avoid for their own safety and for the safety … Read more

Training Guides: Dog Barking at Window

dog looking window

Is your dog barking at the window? Or more accurately, barking at things outside of the window? As a dog trainer, if there’s one behavior that I’ve seen pet owners struggle with the most it’s definitely barking. The worst kind of barking? The dog who sits at the window all day barking at every little … Read more