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“I signed up for the Ask The Trainer in anticipation of bringing home two new puppies in three weeks! The video demonstrations have been extremely helpful. I have also loved being able to ask Thomas questions and receive detailed responses in the Forum!

Lisa G.

How Thomas is Solving Dog Problems for our members ...

From Mary B: Incessant Barking

From Kelli K.: My Chihuahuas Fighting

From Myra R.: Separation Anxiety

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Real Life Scenarios To Speed Up Training

Training your dog is a game of consistency. Spending just a few minutes every day to teach your dog how to behave will make all the difference.

But what if something doesn’t go as planned and you need a little extra help?

Maybe you have a unique situation and your dog is a little bit harder to potty train or gets stuck on loose leash walking or perhaps is barking too much.

Maybe you have 3 dogs and need information on how to train multiple pets.

Or you have questions and you just don’t trust the contradicting advice you find on blogs or social media.

I would like to personally answer all of your questions about anything that is happening with your dog, no matter how difficult it is. Training, health, grooming, treats, toys, you name it.

As a professional certified dog trainer I have seen it all.

That is why I created the “Ask The Trainer” membership to help dog owners get all the help they need in our exclusive online platform.

I charge $200 an hour for private sessions. But you can easily get answers to any question, big or small, without breaking the bank.

I answer questions such as this tricky one from Stephanie:

“She barks at me to get my attention. But mostly she is barking at noises and even no noises but she thinks she hears something. She has gotten to the point where she won’t stop barking sometimes. It has gotten awful and really awful because I am working with clients and I have to put her in her playpen in the other room for an hour or more.”

If you want more instructions on obedience, tricks, dog food, and just about anything else, simply let us know. Let us know exactly what you need…and we’ll be sure to help.

Mingle with like-minded dog owners who have faced the exact same challenges as you…

You’re not locked into any contract and you can cancel anytime.

Thomas and Dogs

Meet Thomas Wipperman

Thomas and Dogs

Thomas is an AKC accredited dog trainer with 12 years of experiences. He previous trained dog trainers for large pet retailers, learned from monks and dogs on Mt. Athos, and has worked with multiple service and working animals for special needs children. He currently lives in Nashville, and works with dogs both on and offline.

All of his methods rely on Positive Reinforcement, taking cues from the most up to date dog training theories. Having traveled across America and spending time in Greece to engage with monks and their relationships with dogs, he has experienced a great deal of different styles and methods of training.

He has an Australian Shepard, and has worked with a significant amount of herding breeds in his dog training tenure, and has even trained dogs for multiple celebrities in Nashville.

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After you sign up to the Ask The Trainer membership you get immediate access to:

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Frequently Asked Questions

A. After you make the payment via our secure website you receive an email immediately after with your login and password to access our member’s area where you can access the training videos today.

No. The course is 100% online and you can watch on your computer, cell phone or tablet.

We are the only all-inclusive barking program with three months of free access to personalized help from the trainer.

We believe you can have a well-behaved small dog for good without having to use outdated methods, so our approach is 100% based on scientifically proven positive reinforcement training.

You would need to invest a little more time with 3 dogs as you want to dedicate some time with each one individually.

All the techniques in the course will work with multiple dogs. And certain things like hands-off mental stimulation would be even more valuable with 3 dogs.

The concepts are applicable to any dog regardless of age. You can teach any dog to improve their behavior, some dogs may need a little bit more time than others. A big part of our members has older dogs.
The concepts are applicable to any dog regardless of age. You can teach any dog to improve their behavior, some dogs may need a little bit more time than others. A big part of our members has older dogs.

Marina has helped both blind and deaf dogs. They basically need the polar opposite from one another. Blind dogs need all verbal cues, while deaf dogs need all hand signals.

The premises in the course remain the same as with other dogs, with the exception that you would use only verbal or hand signals based on the dog at hand.

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