Service Dog Training

service dog outdoors

Service dogs – they’re trained for many different tasks to aid in a number of different disabilities. When people think of a service dog, they often picture a seeing-eye dog first. However, an immense range of different service dogs exists today to aid in all sorts of tasks for their owners! What is a Service … Read more

Puppy Training: The Must-Haves

puppy on grass

Do you have a new puppy? Maybe you’re preparing your new puppy checklist and anxiously awaiting the day you can go pick up your new little furry friend? Or perhaps you’re doing your research to decide if you’re ready to add a new dog to your life or not. Regardless of the circumstance, there are … Read more

How to Use Dog Clippers

Does your dog need a haircut? If so, you’re probably wondering how to use dog clippers! Many different breeds need their hair trimmed from time to time and having a pair of dog clippers on hand can make your life much easier! Read on to learn how to use dog clippers, what dogs need them, … Read more

How to Stop Puppy Aggression

New puppy owners worry about all kinds of things – how to housetrain a puppy, how to prevent chewing, and how to stop puppy aggression, just to name a few. Many new pet owners find a bit of a shock when they pick up their new family member… Those teeth are sharp! When your furry … Read more

How to Get Dog Poop Out of Carpet

dog sitting on carpet

Every new puppy owner has done it… the “how to get dog poop out of carpet” Google search. Look, accidents happen. Dogs will be dogs, puppies will be puppies, and puppies will poop where you don’t want them to. And that’s perfectly fine, as long as you can actually clean it up effectively! If your … Read more

House Training Without a Crate

little dog carpet

Many clients ask me if they can tackle house training without a crate. Crates can be a fantastic tool for housetraining your dog, but in some cases, they aren’t the best fit. While we always recommend using a crate for housetraining when you can, you can certainly house train a dog without a crate. It’s … Read more

House Training a Chihuahua

chihuahua on the carpet

House training a Chihuahua can be easier than you think! You’re probably skeptical, and for good reason! Chihuahuas are notorious for being one of the most difficult breeds to housetrain. However, many of their housetraining issues come because their owners overlook periodic accidents. Our Dog Savvy Small Dog Training course covers all you need to … Read more

Dog Protection Training

german shepherd

As a dog trainer, I periodically get inquiries about dog protection training. It’s logical, one of the upsides to having a dog can potentially be their ability to protect you and your home. However, dog protection training is one topic that I generally recommend pet owners avoid for their own safety and for the safety … Read more