How to Keep Dogs From Digging For Good

Dog digging in the sand

Digging can be a major problem for pet owners. Pet owners reach out in our training courses frequently, wondering how to keep their dogs from digging under their fence or even just digging holes about the yard. It’s not uncommon for dogs to dig. Though some pet owners never struggle with this behavior, many others … Read more

Australian Shepherd Behavior Problems: Most Common Issues and How to Prevent Them!

Australian Shepherd resting near lake

While training dogs, I’ve come across many similarities and patterns. Most dachshund owners are reaching out because of housebreaking issues. Chihuahua and Maltese owners tend to reach out for annoying barking throughout the day. When it comes to Australian Shepherds behavior problems, they tend to run a bit deeper than simple barking or housebreaking. This … Read more

How to Help An Aggressive Dog

Dog barking aggressively

When it comes to aggressive dog training, the term “aggression” can refer to a wide variety of issues. Some people have dogs that show aggression towards strange people coming into their home. Other people suffer from dogs with leash reactivity, who try to maul any dog that crosses their path, no matter how much bigger … Read more