What is Included in Dog Savvy?

Dog Savvy - Small Dog Training Made Easy

The Amazing Secrets of The Most Well Behaved Little Dogs

What’s Dog Savvy?

It’s a unique and exclusive approach 100% designed for small dog owners. It helps you quickly take control of your little one, fix behavioral issues and start fully enjoying the experience of having a dog.

Here’s just a small sample of the secrets you’ll discover:

MODULE 1 – Small Dogs Are Not Alone Anymore
Why You Should Train Your Small Dog

MODULE 2 – World of Small Dogs

Want the best chance of success with your small companion? Discover the little-understood differences from small and larger breeds:

MODULE 3 – Scientific and Bullet Proof Small Dog Training

Easy Puppy Training

The hassle-free step by step guide to puppy training done right the first time… even if you’ve never had a dog before:

The Ultimate Guide to Eliminate & Prevent Behavioral Issues
in Puppies and Adult Dogs

Plus fixing other issues including: crying, howling, separation anxiety, over excitement, begging for food, fear of objects …

And More

It doesn’t matter if you just got your new puppy or have an adult dog. I’m going to show you EVERYTHING you need for an obedient small dog fast… so you can start enjoying the pleasure and peace of mind you’ve always dreamed about.

Here’s What You Get

With your investment in Dog Savvy – Small Dog Training Made Easy … you get 4 hours of easy to follow small dog training videos crammed full of the following components and bonus:

You’ll Also Get This Bonus…
An Extra $27.00 Value… Absolutely FREE!

FREE Bonus #1
“Dog Savvy Cheat Sheets”

Imagine your dog barking when you are just ready to go to bed. Would you turn your computer and search for the stop barking video? Probably not.

That is why I created the “no-brainer” Dog Savvy Cheat Sheets with quick and easy to implement tips on how to deal with key behavioral issues and small dog training principles.

Print or download to your mobile phone for quick access in the middle of the night, in the dog park or when you are frustrated with potty training. ($27.00 value)

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