“Both dogs loved the mat! The different sections gave them different challenges and they were really focused on getting their food out.”
Danielle S.

Advanced Snuffle Mat


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Is the Advanced Snuffle Mat the Cure for Your Dog's Boredom?

Did you leave your dog just for a few hours to find the furniture destroyed or receive noise complaints from neighbors? Do you dread joining a Zoom call because you can’t leave your dog alone?

Frequently, when a dog misbehaves, it’s because of boredom.

Dogs are hardwired to be constantly looking for food. They learned over thousands of years to forage for food which involved a lot of activity and brainpower. So even if they are given meals they still feel like they need to forage.

So if your dog gets into the garbage, rips apart your pillows, eats the couch cushions, and jumps like crazy all over guests, his internal instincts are driving him to exert this energy and search for food constantly.

The Best New Way I’ve Seen To Keep Your Dog Entertained and Out of Trouble

The answer is simple. Provide your dog with mental stimulation. And the Advanced Snuffle Mat is the perfect solution.

It can entertain your pup for hours when left alone or keep them busy when you are around.

Just drop kibble or dry treats and leave your dog to figure out where the food is, stimulating the senses and using brainpower. And you can easily clean it using the washing machine.

The little pockets are perfect for hiding small treats and the bigger sections are good for hiding larger treats. The different sections give your dog multiple challenges, enhancing the stimulation and time spent with the toy.

A dog who is mentally stimulated isn’t barking, biting, or causing other trouble for you to worry about!

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Encourage Better Digestion

The Advanced Snuffle Mat slows down their eating speed the natural way: by hiding pieces of kibble or small training treats in square-tipped felt “grass.”

Your dog will need to use their sense of smell and sniff, dig, and nose their way to find each piece, giving their instinctual brain a feeling of achievement and comfort.

When you feed your dog using the snuffle mat, they can’t eat too fast and upset their stomach. The design forces them to sniff out each piece and eat slowly and gradually, the way vets recommend.

How to Use The Advanced Snuffle Mat

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Wash it to reduce any potentially unknown/strange odors that might be masking the smell of the food or otherwise bothering your dog.

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Use something other than kibble to get them interested. High-value treats, or even freeze-dried real foods work well.

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When you first use the mat, put the treats on the top rather than pushing them down into the folds. This way they are easily accessible and your dog will learn to love the game. You can up the difficulty level and keep them busy for longer later on.

Keeps Your Dog Busy
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Provides Mental Stimulation
Avoid Negative Behaviors
Reduces Anxiety
dog eating
Improves Digestion
washing machine
Easy to Clean & Machine Washable
quality felt
Environmentally Friendly Felt cloth
Under Mat surface
Non-Slip Bottom
Dog approved

I was skeptical how this could possibly help, but it took our dog’s normal 3 minute dinner gulp and changed it to 20 minutes!

Nicole D.
Damn good

All of the little pockets are perfect for hiding small treats and the bigger sections are good for hiding larger treats. The dog loves it and now will only eat out of it.

A. Person
dalmatian mat
Keeps him busy!

My 11wk old Beagle pup LOVES IT! So do I because it’s easy to clean and it keeps him busy! It’s also good for their senses.

Anne K.

Frequenty Asked Questions

A. The Advanced Snuffle mat dimensions are:

Length: 29.5″ (75cm)

Width: 19.7″ (50cm)

A. Made of high-quality fabric, our snuffle mats are durable and friendly to pets. If your dog normally destroys toys, then that is even more evidence they need mental stimulation from a solution like this.

In the first few uses supervise the dog and remove the mat once the activity is finished. Over time they will associate the mat as a food dispenser or forage area and will be less likely to destroy the toy.

If you feel your dog needs training to reduce anxiety and bad behavior, check out our course here.

A. It’s easy to clean the Advanced Snuffle mat. After use simply use a hand broom with a dustpan. Over time you can use a washing machine on delicate cycle and cold water. Or hand wash in cold water.
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