“The quality of this product is far better than any of the ones I’ve owned. I removed the seat cover after my first 3hr car drive with my dog and for the first time, I didn’t see any hair on my seats.”
Sarah Stokes

Premium Dog Car Seat Cover


Worried Your Dog Can Ruin Your Car?

Maybe you love taking your dog with you to the park, beach, or even on errands around town. But mud, sand, dirt, pet hair on the back seat can be a nightmare to clean.

Overexcited pups have lots of energy especially when they know they are about to have fun. They can scratch, dig, chew, jump and ruin your car. Imagine a big scratch on your brand new leather seat? Not fun!

And just throwing a towel at the back won’t prevent all the horrors of a messy car. Not to mention the danger of your four-legged friend being hurt when you suddenly break and he hits the front seat or falls on the ground.

Finally, A Pet-Friendly Solution to Back Seat Mess

ThriveDogs Premium Dog Car Seat Cover is a lifesaver. You can literally save your back seat by protecting your car from water spills, excessive hair, scratches, and all the filth and grime your dog can bring from the outdoors into your car.

It takes just 5 minutes to easily install or remove the premium car seat cover and quickly wipe off any dirt and hair back to a squeaky clean look.

The waterproof and anti-slip hammock is like a cocoon for your dog, protecting your pup from bumps, falling on the floor, keeping them safe and comfortable. The front mesh window allows for extra ventilation and reduces pet anxiety as they can see you anytime.

easy to clean surface
Easy to Clean

Easy-breezy to clean surface makes it simple to quickly wipe hairs off and remove mud, dirt, spills, or sand. Vacuum throughout or just put it into the washing machine for a fresh look.

Water Proof
Waterproof, Scratch-proof, and Wear-proof:
The cover was built for long-term and constant use, protecting from undesired liquid spills and nasty scratches to keep your car clean and dry.
Premium Design

The premium car seat hammock features a quilted surround design and luxurious padding, which looks great in your car and provides excellent travel comfort for your dog.

premium design web
Heavy Duty

The durable, waterproof, and hard-wearing top layer provides great protection for your dog while preventing fur, dirt, spills, scratches, and sand from damaging your seat.

seat cover
Convenient Multi-Use

Box, hammock or seat cover. Use the box format for full protection and coverage. The hammock allows the sides to cover the lateral of the seats for easy and clean entrance and leave. Or use it as a seat cover when family and friends are enjoying time with your pet in the back seat.

anti slip net
Comfortable and Safe For Your Dog

The bottom PVC net antislip protection will keep your dog safe and comfortable.  Premium seat anchors, heavy-duty straps, and buckles hold it securely in place. 4 heavy headrest anchors and 2 seat anchors ensure that your cover stays in place.

velcro opening
Seat Belt Openings

Buckle up your dog for extra safety, fit a baby car seat and just have someone seating next to your up on the back seat.

Universal Size
Universal Size

Fit the premium car seat cover with the adjustable buckle clip on virtually any family car, sedan, LUV, SUV, or pick up. No need for extra covers for different cars. Just quickly move the cover to another vehicle in just a few minutes.

Front Mesh Window

the front mesh window allows air to flow freely through to the backseat creating a cooling effect and keeping your pup stimulated with a view of their parent and all the action outside.

Easy to Install

In less than 5 minutes you can install or remove the premium seat cover so you don’t need to leave it permanently on the back seat or think twice to take your dog on a deserved trip.

NOW You Can Take Your Dog Without Headaches to:

rainy days

Installing Your Premium Seat Cover

Customers Reviews

Great air flow with mesh screen!

The mesh for the airflow and for the dog to see you is definitely the best part! I also rather enjoy the sides that zip up and protect the door! 

Nicole B.
High quality! Easy to Install!

The cover is made of canvas which makes it easy to clean. The straps easily slide over the headrests.  It provides good protection and the side panels zip up and down to let dogs in.

Paula T.
Works great and very durable!

I just got a new SUV and I wanted to protect my seats from my 3 smaller dogs.  It contains them well and prevents them from jumping up on the windows and scratching the doors. The material feels thick and sturdy.

Michele C.

Frequenty Asked Questions

A. The dog hammocks for car comes in ergonomic design and can perfectly fit cars of any shape or size, be it a family car, an SUV, or a truck.

A. The waterproof seat cover can be easily clean using any of the following options:
– Machine washing
– Rinsing it with a hose
– Shaking well and using a vacuum cleaner
– Using a sticky roller to remove excessive fur

A. Made from highly durable material, the dog car seat covers can endure an approximate weight of 150lb easily when on the hammock setup. It can be conveniently shared by two dogs within this weight range. We always recommend the use of a restraint or safety belt for peace of mind during sudden stops but also to ensure your dog’s weight stays safely supported by the Bench seat.

A. The Thrive Dogs premium back car seat cover is convertible. It can easily transform into a bench-style or semi-hammock with a heavy-duty zipper allowing your pet to comfortably share the ride with a passenger.

A. Our premium back seat cover is designed to be installed to both the front and rear seats by looping the straps over the headrests of your vehicle. We recommend having adjustable headrests so the straps can easily and reliably fit around the steel adjustment posts headrests. If your headrests aren’t adjustable but tall enough to ensure the straps won’t slip off and narrow enough for them to wrap around this will be fine too (unfortunately it’s not compatible with the fixed wider style sports headrests).

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