IQ Treat Ball


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Eating too fast can be a health concern for dogs and cats alike: when animals “wolf” down their food, they risk overeating that can lead to vomiting or serious conditions like belly bloat.

Help them indulge their natural instincts to forage and hunt with the IQ Treat Ball, an interactive food ball that dispenses a few pieces of kibble at a time.

Your dog or cat will learn that playing with or pouncing on the toy will cause it to release food, keeping them engaged.

Even after they “get it” and learn which moves dispense food from the treat ball, it still keeps their eating speed at a slow, healthy pace.

  • The maze-like interior of the IQ Treat Ball ensures that your pet will always have to “work” for their treat.
  • Clear sides let your pet see their progress with their treats or kibble, motivating them to keep trying.
  • An excellent toy for multi-pet households, “hunting” the IQ Treat Ball together can help with pack/pride bonding.
  • Separates easily for cleaning and refilling, but remains stable and strong once connected.

IQ Treat Ball


Operations Instruction IQ Treat Ball


  • Width: 10 cm Width
  • Height: 12 cm

Suitable for big dogs.

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