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It’s a pet owner’s responsibility to take a dog out for a walk for mental stimulation and exercise. It’s no surprise that your active and energetic dog will have dirty paws.

We all know that poor hygiene negatively impacts your beloved pet’s health. Worry no more as this Portable Paw Cleaner offers a hassle-free paw cleaning experience for both you and your best friend.

Quick and hassle-free cleaning

No need to hose down mud off your dog’s paws. This Portable Paw Cleaner is the only thing you need to remove mud and dirt from his paws and lower legs in seconds after a fun walk outside with its wide, no-spill silicone opening.

Easy to use

Treat your dog to a refreshing wash every day with only 4 simple steps using the soft bristles that provide fast and effective cleaning of your dog’s paws, nails, and lower legs.

Lightweight and Portable

Made of soft silicone materials in a compact size, this Portable Paw Cleaner allows you to give your best friend proper hygiene anytime, anywhere. There will never be another excuse for dirty paws again.

Hygienic solution

Step into a clean home or car every day without unwanted odor and dirty paw prints everywhere. This Portable Paw Cleaner saves you from endless mopping of floors and removing carpet stains from your dog’s muddy mess.


This medium-sized Portable Paw Cleaner is designed for small to medium-sized dogs and is also great for your feline friends. Gently clean your cat’s paws with the Portable Paw Cleaner too!

Clean your dog’s paws in 4 simple steps!

  • Fill up the cup with clean and warm water up to the top row of the bristles.
  • Immerse your dog’s paws in the cup.
  • Ensure that his paws touch the bottom of the cup as you pull the plunger to start the cleaning process. Move his paws in and out as the bristles wash away the dirt.
  • Gently take out his paws and pat dry with a clean towel. Pour out the dirty water and repeat the process with the rest of his paws.

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What’s Included:

1 pc Portable Paw Cleaner

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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