Reflective Strong Dog Leash


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Taking your beloved pet out for a walk is every fur parent’s responsibility as it greatly impacts your pet’s health and overall well-being.

It is important to choose a comfortable yet durable pet leash such as the Heavy Duty Reflective Dog Leash. Keep your dog under control so both of you can enjoy your daily walks and other outdoor activities with protection from unexpected accidents.

Easy and comfortable grip

The Heavy Duty Reflective Dog Leash comes with an EVA Foam Handle that provides an easy and comfortable grip. Its soft padded handle is 13-inch long with a 1-inch diameter.

Its elastic feature reduces pressure in handling and protects your hand from rope burns.


The Heavy Duty Reflective Dog Leash comes with a durable cover and a metal clip hook made of alloy, with its rubber buckle glued after stitching to ensure a secure and sturdy connection.

It comes with a 1.5-meter long high quality braided polyester mountain climbing rope to keep your beloved pet safe by your side in busy roads and crowded streets.

Safe to use at night

Don’t think twice about walking your dog at night. Its reflective strip makes it highly visible in the dark so you and your dog can safely enjoy your night walks or runs without worrying about getting into an accident

Wide color selection

Choose from the many attractive color options available for your beloved fur baby. You may also get it in a color that matches your dog harness!

What’s included:

1 Heavy Duty Reflective Dog Leash
1 Free Gift (Storage pouch)

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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