“How to Turn Off Your Dog’s 'Barking Switch' Without Gimmicks, Gadgets, or Punishment in 7 Days or Less”

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“I have been going through your Ultimate Barking and ENJOYING and LEARNING a LOT!! Wish I had done this earlier. My little girl Harmony is reacting VERY WELL and responding to all that I/we have learned in the last few days…I’m so glad I purchased your course.”

Betty Sheehy 

What People Say About Ultimate Barking Solution

The Most Efficient Way To Stop Incessant Barking

You can eliminate your dogs’ barking by simply addressing your four legged friend's mental needs, making small adjustments to his environment, and making your life easier with easy to follow routines.


Understand the true reason your dog is barking, assess your environment to prevent barking, and understand your dog's basic instinctive needs that may be leading to the incessant behavior.

Change Your Dog’s Behaviour

Discover critical step-by-step instructions on different hands-off and hands-on activities you can apply today to start changing your dog's behavior.

Maintain Good Behaviour

How you should react to your dog's behavior, what you should avoid doing, and how you can teach them what you would like them to do instead, for a long term well behaved dog.

Most Dog Owners Have Never Been Shown The Real Reason Their Dog Barks

I’m guessing you’ve been overwhelmed trying to pick through all of the conflicting information you can find online, or heard well-meaning advice from other dog owners.

I know them all and I’ve heard them all: the can with coins, the water bottle, the cruel and expensive bark collars, the ultrasonic guns, the oil diffusers, yelling, crying, begging, you name it…

You may have even spent a few hundred dollars on private dog trainers.

And every time you end up more frustrated because your dog keeps right on barking. Or maybe the problem has gotten even worse.

Sometimes these gimmicks can work temporarily or delay the barking. But they don’t eliminate the hidden cause of barking. And that’s why they don’t work in the long run.

If you want to solve the problem…and raise a healthy, happy dog…you need to fix it at the root! Don’t fix the problem, fix the dog!

Discover how to eliminate common day-to-day frustrations that are driving you crazy. You will finally have a well-behaved dog that…

Meet Marina Somma

Exotic Animal Trainer From Florida Reveals Simple and Easy Ways to Stop Incessant Barking

Hi. I’m Marina Somma, a certified professional dog & animal trainer from Florida – who specializes in animal behavior and has seen a plethora of canine behavioral issues.

I’ve been helping thousands of dog owners, and working with all kinds of animals, for over 10 years. 

And what I’ve learned from working with 1000s of doggie clients and working with 100s of other animal species, from penguins…. to dolphins….. to reptiles and more…  is that the most of the behavioral issues, no matter the species, need to be addressed at the source!

Thankfully, we’re here to provide you with guidance. All you need is a little bit of time to dedicate to your pet!

Ultimate Barking Solution

This is the most comprehensive "stop barking" course available online.

Do you want a dog that is the perfect companion when visiting family and friends?

Wouldn’t you love to have a better quality of life for you and your family? And your dog?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a happy and relaxed atmosphere at home?

Then let me introduce you to the most comprehensive “stop barking” course available online.

It’s called Ultimate Barking Solution.

When you start the Ultimate Barking Solution you get access to everything you will ever need to overcome barking.

So you will have a more enjoyable life with your dog. When guests visit, you will feel more comfortable and relaxed. And you can answer the door calmly.

This is so much more than an online dog training course. This is a complete dog behavior transformation system designed to create the best version of your dog and the best pet owner you can be.

And it’s the only all-inclusive program where the trainer is ready to answer all your individual questions.

You will discover our unique Behavior Elimination Pyramid, the unbeatable approach to put an end to incessant barking.

Here's What You Get

What People Say About Marina and Our Training

100% Risk Free Guarantee

If you’re not happy with Ultimate Barking Solution for any reason whatsoever… just return it within the first 30 days

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Frequently Asked Questions

A. After you make the payment via our secure website you receive an email immediately after with your login and password to access our member’s area where you can access the training videos today.

No. The course is 100% online and you can watch on your computer, cell phone or tablet.

We are the only all-inclusive barking program with three months of free access to personalized help from the trainer.

We believe you can have a well-behaved small dog for good without having to use outdated methods, so our approach is 100% based on scientifically proven positive reinforcement training.

You would need to invest a little more time with 3 dogs as you want to dedicate some time with each one individually.

All the techniques in the course will work with multiple dogs. And certain things like hands-off mental stimulation would be even more valuable with 3 dogs.

The concepts are applicable to any dog regardless of age. You can teach any dog to improve their behavior, some dogs may need a little bit more time than others. A big part of our members has older dogs.
The concepts are applicable to any dog regardless of age. You can teach any dog to improve their behavior, some dogs may need a little bit more time than others. A big part of our members has older dogs.

Marina has helped both blind and deaf dogs. They basically need the polar opposite from one another. Blind dogs need all verbal cues, while deaf dogs need all hand signals.

The premises in the course remain the same as with other dogs, with the exception that you would use only verbal or hand signals based on the dog at hand.

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